Spanish Colonial Renovation & Addition

Pacific Palisades, CA

Project Type: Renovation and addition
Project Size: Approx. 3,200 SF existing home plus 600 new SF
Current Phase: Design Development

Project Team
Project Manager: Korey Kromm
Job Captain: Priya Dhairyawan
Design Associate: Tony Malyan 

The Assignment: Renovation of and addition to a Spanish-ish residence, originally built in the 1990s. The homeowners, a family with young children, are seeking a comfortable, playful home with an emphasis on natural light and indoor-outdoor living. We are working with them to incorporate authentic materials and details to bring more character to the expanded home.

Currently: Our team is working to complete City submittal documentation along with developing the interior architecture. 

Sustainable Features: Thermal insulation, efficient heating systems, energy-efficient appliances, solar panels, rainfall capture, infiltration, and reuse are intended, along with permeable hardscape, to be integrated into a proposed herb garden.