Monterey Revival Renovation

Montecito, CA

Project Type: Full renovation
Project Size: 4,100 SF
Current Phase: Construction Documents

Project Team
Project Manager: Ari Engelman
Job Captain: Ben Jensen
Design Associate: Mher Khachikian

The Assignment: Renovate a historic Monterey Colonial Revival residence. We originally completed designs to completely renovate the existing two-story residence. Following feedback from the Montecito Board of Architectural Review, the homeowner decided to reduce the scope of work and the size of the residence. The revised ground level features thick walls and vaulted ceilings, with steel doors and windows. The second floor design will now feature an observation deck, instead of living quarters.

Currently: Design revisions for the tower (to enlarge it) are underway, and the observation deck, outdoor fireplace, and new pergola are currently being completed. The permitting process for these will begin soon. In the meantime, construction is underway for foundations and first-floor framing.

Standout Details: Authentic details abound in this home: arched openings, decorative tiles, carved millwork, reclaimed antique European two-piece clay tile roofing, copper gutters and downspouts, terracotta floor tiles, roundel glass windows, brick window sills and wall caps, custom iron railing, new exterior staircase to observation deck with decorative tile risers and terracotta tile treads.

Sustainable Features: Thermal insulation, efficient heating systems, energy-efficient appliances, solar panels, tankless water heaters, permeable hardscape, preservation of all existing trees, green demo, use of reclaimed materials, planning for aging in place.