Mediterranean Revival Renovation & Addition

Los Angeles, CA

Project Type: Partial main house renovation and new accessory structure
Project Size: 800 SF accessory structure with garden roof, plus approximately 3,000 square feet of hardscape with pool
Current Phase: Schematic Design

Project Team
Project Manager: Korey Kromm
Job Captain: Priya Dhairyawan
Design Associate: Tony Malyan

The Assignment: Design a new single-story Accessory Dwelling Unit at rear of sloping property to reflect the Mediterranean Revival style of the existing main house; with a new pool and adjacent hardscape, as well as new terrace and gardens at the front of the property. Minor renovations to the interior of the main house. 

Currently: We are in the Schematic Design phase. Our team is leveraging every square inch of this single-story ADU to create a magnificent entertaining space with adjacent bar/kitchen/bath spaces.

Sustainable Features: Triple-glazed windows, thermal insulation, efficient heating system, energy-efficient appliances, new solar panels, a drought-tolerant landscape, integrated rain gardens, and a walkable green roof are intended.