Contemporary Lodge

Santa Monica, CA

Challenged by an aged existing structure and mismatched design elements, this home yearned to fit in with the historic properties lining its street: a peaceful avenue nestled by the edge of Santa Monica’s Rustic Canyon. With the homeowners, we devised a plan to create a livable, open and capacious oasis.

The extensive renovation focused upon capturing spectacular views of the canyon, and ensuring the home’s façade and outdoor space complemented this majestic setting. Unsympathetic exterior details, including oversized columns, a stark hardscape of brick and concrete, and crowded, small windows were replaced with a warm, earthy palette, a reimagined front porch with a vaulted ceiling, and a dazzling back patio. In the backyard, a sunken vegetable garden is nourished by an underground greywater tank, which is conveniently located near the toolshed and a new flower/potting room in the main house.
The interior of the existing home was dark and cluttered, with almost no connection between rooms — offering little opportunity to enjoy the homeowners’ impressive art collection. Spaces were opened, ceilings were raised, skylights and windows were inserted, doorways were expanded and natural elements were integrated throughout. An entertainer’s kitchen, intimate screening room and thoughtfully appointed master closet with a hidden door to the stair hall are just a few of the highlights.
Now, this second incarnation of the home reflects the panoramic views and equally stunning artwork inside; and thrives as a functional, modern living space with bespoke touches at every turn.
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