Colonial Revival

Pacific Palisades, CA

Homeowners are sometimes shocked when we suggest they remove parts of a house during renovation. They can visibly flinch when we offer to make rooms smaller and less grand — yet sometimes that’s the winning idea.

To bring this large home down to Earth, we started by removing a section of the master suite to open the bedroom to canyon views. We removed a giant bay window and banquette in the kitchen. We replaced a steep winding stair with a longer, simple staircase to the family areas, reducing the upper landing. Simple details and common materials like copper, painted brick and pine complete the transformation.

When we joined interior designer Kristen Panitch to design the transformation of this large home, we focused on family first, dedicating our talent to creating work and play spaces to raise bright, gregarious children. Built-in desks and bookcases, quiet areas for reading and conversation, family-sized rooms ready for spirited debates and amateur theatricals all answered this call. With places for making music and art, meals and science projects — and gardens for growing things — the house is a vibrant beehive of activity.

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