Historic Arts & Crafts Renovation & Addition

Pasadena, CA

Project Type: Renovation
Project Size: 8,000 SF
Current Phase: Under Construction

Project Team
Project Manager: Kelly Becker
Job Captain: Max Rendon
Design Associate: Michael Lee

The Assignment: Renovate and expand an early 20th century Arts & Crafts Revival home for a family with young children: preserve original features, improve the interior work spaces, and restore previously renovated spaces closer to the original – with modern conveniences and healthy materials and protections.

Currently: Construction has started on the main house, with framing and foundation work in the crawlspace. The carriage house revisions are currently being reviewed by the Design and Historic Preservation section of the Pasadena Planning Department.

Sustainable Features: Thermal insulation, efficient heating systems, energy-efficient appliances, EV charging stations, rainfall capture, infiltration, and reuse are intended.

Healthy Home Features: Improved basement foundation waterproofing, improved basement and crawlspace ventilation, mold remediation, lead and asbestos removal, alternative building materials to prevent mold growth, alternative building materials without toxins, strategies for easily identifying future water or gas leaks, optimizing layout to reduce EMF exposure, EMF shielding at appliances and panels, strategies to reduce/prevent “dirty” electricity, creating a no planting perimeter around the house to prevent moisture and mold at exterior walls

Standout Details: The site and landscape plan will be reinvented for more privacy and artful details.To honor the values of the Arts & Crafts era, our work will utilize local and salvaged materials, and handmade details. Custom stained glass doors are being designed with nature-inspired imagery of personal importance to the owners.