Pelotonia 2017

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My first ride with Pelotonia last year went very well. I shared the road with almost 8,000 riders, including many cancer survivors.  Together, we raised $24,104,432 for the Ohio State University Comprehensive Cancer Center. 100% of rider-raised money goes directly to cancer research.

I’ve decided to ride the 50 miles again this August, in Columbus, Ohio, about an hour from my hometown. I’m riding in memory of my mom who died of cancer before she was 50. This year I hope to raise $5,000! I ask you to support me and make a donation by logging onto My Peloton name is Tim Barber. My fundraising ID is: TB0195.

Or, even better, I encourage you to join me and raise funds on your own two wheels. Share this message with your friends and family so we can raise awareness as well as funds.