Post Pelotonia 2017

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I enjoyed my ride with Pelotonia even more than last year! I was in better shape this time, the weather was cooler and the crowds were bigger. I went as Waldo again… silly, but why not?

The opening ceremony featured former Vice President Joe Biden and his wife, Dr. Jill Biden. They talked about the Biden Cancer Initiative whose mission is the advancement of cancer research, connecting patients and doctors, and the development of successful therapies for specific types of cancer. I was wowed by their passion to end cancer.

Cancer made an unexpected visit to my family recently.  I confess I’m fearful. Yet I’m grateful for the advances in research — and aware how important it is to get to the finish line.

Thank you all for your generous support. For those of you who missed it and feel inspired to give, there is still time. Fundraising continues until October 6, 2017. Go to My Peloton name is Tim Barber. My fundraising ID is: TB0195