In Progress: A Multi-Family Residence in Pasadena

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In May 2016, construction began on our 4-unit townhouse on Millionaire’s Row in Pasadena. While Tim Barber Ltd is known for our single-family traditional residences, it may come as a surprise to learn that our team also designed this contemporary complex on Orange Grove Boulevard.

Supervising Project Manager, Leonardo d’Anconia and Project Manager, Laura Haymond, share their experience designing and managing the construction of the Orange Grove Residence:

The Project Program

The Orange Grove project includes 4 individual townhouse units over subterranean parking. The City of Pasadena requires a common garden equal to 25% of the lot, visible from the street. We met this requirement by wrapping the homes around a courtyard, communal but still private enough to be enjoyed by the tenants.

The project responds to contradictory needs: High-density development brings the components very close together, yet visual and sound separation are a must.  The result is a singular building, highly transparent with clearly visible entrances and carefully framed views.

Pasadena architectural influences resonate throughout, from the shallow roof slope with large overhangs to the brick siding, wood trellises and roof terraces. Still, this is not a craftsman house, but a structure of our time, respecting the older neighborhood while speaking a contemporary language.

Current Construction Phase

The building completed its framing and rough Mechanical / Electrical / Plumbing installations. Next up are door and window installations and beginning to close all the walls prior to finishes.