ICAA Intensive at Greystone Mansion

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This week, the Southern California Chapter of the ICAA is conducting the first-ever ICAA Intensive outside New York City, at Greystone Mansion in Beverly Hills (designed for the Doheny family in 1927 by Gordon B. Kaufmann).

The intensive is an eight-day course of study that introduces participants to the ICAA’s core curriculum through coursework in the classical orders, composition, proportion, drafting, observational drawing, and the literature of classical architecture.

The final presentation is this Sunday, October 22, at Greystone Mansion from 1-2:30PM, and is open to all. The grounds of the estate will remain open until sundown (a great opportunity for an afternoon picnic.)

This unprecedented Intensive would not be possible without sponsorship and fundraising by the Southern California chapter. Last week, the ICAA-SCC honored Jeff Hyland, author of The Legendary Estates of Beverly Hills. This standing-room-only gala was held at the California Club (designed by Robert D. Farquhar in 1929) is an example of the generous support this program needs and so richly deserves.

We encourage you to come to Greystone Mansion on Sunday, marvel at the student work – and join the ICAA to become part of this extraordinary adventure.