Color, Pattern & Texture

Twinkling lights, evergreens, snow-capped mountains, cozy knitted sweaters, bold plaids, mistletoe motifs… the holiday season is bursting with color, pattern and texture. As the brilliant golds and coppers of autumn ripen to hollyberry crimson and cranberry, bare tree branches trace bold patterns on bright blue skies. We delight in the beauty around us — and consider how color, pattern and texture inspire and inform our work. 


Texture in a house captures light and shadow, absorbing and deflecting sound. A beautiful home might have many textures: smooth, shingled, shiny, weathered, curvy, angular, carved, mossy, corrugated, patinated, translucent, transparent, ribbed, thatched, colorful and ornate.


Good architecture celebrates shadow and light with pattern and rhythm in roofs, domes, siding and porches. We find striking patterns in metalwork, in tile or brick, doors and windows.


Caribbean pastel stucco homes and Victorian “painted ladies” aren’t afraid to show their true colors in the street.

Indoors, color has enchanted us for ages.

And colors from the earth resonate — pomegranate and wisteria, spruce and artichoke, smoke and deep lake, champagne, blueberry, chilli pepper, sunflower — and yam!

As this colorful year draws to a close, vivid recollections of texture, pattern and color inspire and refresh us. We’re grateful for a world that embraces them all. We wish you health, peace, joy and beautiful architecture — this holiday season and beyond.