Collaborator Spotlight: Valle Reinis Builders

Our work requires efficient, quality builders who bring a positive energy to each and every project. Of course, collaboration is essential to bringing our client’s vision to life. What traits make the best teammate? In our careful selection of builders, these criteria go beyond simply laying bricks. We look for curiosity to understand, clear organization, trusting relationships with subcontractors and talent to imagine the final result.

Over the years, we have been blessed to work with many talented builders. Among them, Brian Valle stands out. 

Tim first worked with Brian Valle years ago, when Brian was a project manager for Richard Holz, Inc. (RHI) – a top home builder in West LA. Tim remarks: “At the time, I was worried that anyone so young could build one of our homes. Brian quickly put those fears to rest – and our homeowners still cherish the result”. In 2013, Brian partnered with Rob Reinis (also a former employee at RHI) to start Valle Reinis Builders, Inc. (VRB).

Collaborator Spotlight: Valle Reinis Builders

The images in this post include the visionary work of Kristen Panitch Interiors (KPI)

Brian and Rob bring problem-solving imagination, integrity and kindness to each project – and to their teammates. During 2020, we learned to communicate via email with digitally-marked site photos. In a construction where windows were late, VRB pre-waterproofed door and window jambs in order to keep the project moving on time. They have even pre-aged unlacquered brass hardware outdoors on a site to allow the just-installed hardware to feel “always there”. These thoughtful acts contribute immensely to the success of a project as well as saving time and resources. The VRB team now includes a few architects applying their skills as builders, several deeply trained artisans and many fine craftsmen, creating a “Legion of SuperArtisans”! 

With the generous execution from VRB and the substantial direction of KPI, we have been able to see our plans become tangible, meaningful and memorable places. VRB has built many ground-up homes and substantial renovation for us, traditional and modern, but with a common thread: fully custom, enduring homes, completed on schedule and on budget, with a satisfied homeowner.

Collaborator Spotlight: Valle Reinis BuildersCollaborator Spotlight: Valle Reinis Builders