In Support of a Bright 2022

Now more than ever, we dream of ways to make our world greener, safer, more equitable and steered by empathetic, informed visionaries. As a new year begins, we reflect on what we have done toward those dreams – and what we might do in 2022.

“We do not inherit the Earth from our ancestors,
we borrow it from our children.”

— Chief Seattle, c. 1786-1866

Visionaries of tomorrow often come from impoverished, homeless and abusive backgrounds. Maya Angelou, Steve Jobs, Harry Reid, Rudyard Kipling, Eleanor Roosevelt and Oprah Winfrey are a few examples. TBA volunteers at My Friend’s Place and supports their work with homeless youth.

Trees do much more than just absorb CO2. They provide food, fuel, medicine, building materials, recreation, shade, beauty, wildlife habitat, clean water and air, soil conservation, erosion control, flood protection, windbreaks and much more. TBA teammates plant urban trees with TreePeople on weekends and support their work to make our communities green, resilient and beautiful.

Tim has spent 18 years volunteering for the Institute of Classical Architecture and Art (ICAA), an organization dedicated to teaching the classical tradition in architecture at the local, national and regional levels. Our own Kyra Bauman was awarded the Rocky La Fleur Scholarship to the ICAA Winter Intensive in New York this coming January. TBA supports ICAA in offering their affordable education programs and resources.

We are proud to be an architecture studio that is home to design professionals from many backgrounds. The Design Leadership Foundation (DLF) encourages students from marginalized communities and helps them to thrive. TBA supports their work to ensure a culture of diversity, equity and inclusion in architecture and design.

The Los Angeles Conservancy has been preserving, revitalizing, advocating, educating and conserving the historic architectural and cultural resources of Los Angeles County for 43 years. At TBA, we recognize the added contribution this makes to building a greener, more empathetic community and reduced carbon footprint. We volunteer and support their efforts to make sure LA’s historic places survive and thrive for future generations.

We encourage you to support these, or other organizations, in their work to make dreams come true for a better tomorrow.