Tim Barber Architects is a residential architecture studio based in Los Angeles. We design new custom homes, full renovations and restorations across California and beyond that are sympathetic to their surroundings, tailored to unique lifestyles, and inspired by tradition, innovation and the environment.

Our team brings exceptional value and detail to every aspect of our work to better the lives of our homeowners, and our planet, through insightful, empathetic design — for now and for years to come.


At Tim Barber Architects, our purpose is to create enduring delight through our architecture and our relationships. We are stewards of the well-being and resources of our clients, our team and our planet. To make this a reality, we focus on five guiding principles that define each aspect of our architecture.

Tim Barber Architects Approach Innovation@2x

The homes we create integrate traditional design with modern solutions to elevate life through convenience, strength and beauty. Imaginative design features make living memorable — for family rituals, learning, growing, respite and entertaining.

Tim Barber Architects Approach Detail@2x

Our obsession with detail propels us to understand how you live in your entire home. The intricate details are just as important to us as the walls, roof and the floor: they give the space its character and texture. By designing the interior architecture of your home, we ensure the aesthetics enhance the functions and reflect your lifestyle.

Tim Barber Architects Approach Adaptability@2x

Lifestyles and families change and adapt. Your home should evolve with you, too. Our thorough process considers design opportunities for future life changes, from preparing for “aging in place” to planning new uses for the kids’ playroom.

Tim Barber Architects Approach Sustainability@2x

As architects, it is our responsibility to be thoughtful stewards of our planet. While our designs are rooted in tradition, our commitment to pursuing contemporary solutions for a healthier and safer planet is at the core of our work. From passive systems to innovative technology, we guide you through many possible options for incorporating sustainable practices into your home.

Tim Barber Architects Approach Collaboration@2x

We forge a partnership with you to create the ultimate collaboration. Our dedicated, passionate team works intently to ensure you can make confident decisions every step of the way. In addition, we bring interior and landscape designers, contractors, craftsmen and vendors to the project who share our attention to detail and our passion to make exceptional homes.